Is Homebirth right for you?

Let's see...
Are you a healthy low-risk woman experiencing a normal pregnancy?
Do you want to actively participate in your prenatal care and birth?  
Do you normally choose a non-medical approach when it is a safe option?  
Do you want to be supported and are you willing to support yourself in your desire for a natural birth?

What is the Midwifery     
Model of Care?

Midwives view childbearing and birth as a normal process of life - not an illness. 
A Midwifery Model of Care includes:

  • monitoring a mother's well-being through the childbearing cycle

  • individualized education

  • counseling

  • prenatal care

  • continuous care during labor and delivery

  • support postpartum

A Midwife is a Health Care Provider trained in the art and science of Midwifery and Women’s Health.  
She cares for healthy women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and is trained to care for the newborn as well.  
Some midwives also provide family planning, annual exams, and other kinds of well-woman gynecology and health care.

What happens after the baby is born?

Normally at a birth,  while you are enjoying and discovering your baby, midwives are making sure everything is staying normal in a quiet way,  one that is protective of your privacy.  
We help to gently dry the baby and make sure it is breathing well, as well as making sure you are comfortable and bleeding is normal. We encourage skin to skin contact so babies stay warm.
After you have had time with your baby, we make sure you have had something to eat and drink and are comfortable in your place. When you are ready, we perform a full newborn exam on the baby.  

We generally stay  2 to 4 hours after birth. Sometimes it is less, sometimes more. 
It depends on you and your baby's needs and desires.  

We return to you 24 hours after birth, usually on day 3, then see you in the office at 2 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum. 
Of course, we are usually talking by phone as needed, so you have plenty of support. 
You are provided with lots of support postpartum, including breastfeeding support (if you choose to breastfeed).
We offer a list of postpartum resources to you as well. 

Where do midwives deliver babies?

Certified Nurse Midwives deliver babies in homes, birth-centers, and hospitals. They have excellent outcomes in all of these environments and women report high satisfaction.  
Currently, NO hospitals in the OKC area are offering CNMs the privilege to provide care within hospitals, even though a CNM has appropriate education, training, certification, and licensure
It is my hope change is coming soon, so families have more access to care.

Oklahoma is a little behind in providing the community access and full practice authority to all Advance Practice Nurses. 
Most CNMs work in hospitals near Tulsa or in Indian Health Care facilities, and are doing a great work there! One CNM has an established birth-center in Tulsa. There are 2 CNMs serving the OKC area. I support the work these midwives are doing! 

All midwives support and welcome collaborative relationships, for improving health outcomes for all Oklahoma families.   

What happens if I want to transfer to the hospital? 

We want you to have the birth you desire, wherever that takes place. "Your birth, Your way!”
If a mother feels she wants medication for pain relief,  then we transfer to the hospital. 
We support mothers in whatever their needs and desires may be without judgement.

Safety is vital and a #1 priority
If a special circumstances arises, I prefer to transfer a mother or baby earlier in the process.

Midwives support women in their choices. 
In a rare emergency, we call EMS and transfer by ambulance. In an non-emergent transfer, we go by private vehicle to the most appropriate hospital. Some women prefer a specific hospital if they are receiving concurrent care, or due to insurance. If at all possible, the midwife will accompany you to the hospital and stay with you for the remainder of your care.

How do I get a birth certificate and social security number, when I birth at home?

We are happy to electronically file a birth certificate for you through Vital Records, after your baby is born.
A social security card cam be automatically sent to your mailing address.