"When women are provided with information and a mutually respectful relationship, they can feel safe, ask questions, and confidently decide what is best for their care." 


Includes complete prenatal care, labor/birth support, postpartum and newborn care


Our birth fee is $3000 and covers the following:

  • prenatal visits

  • labor/birth care

  • postpartum care

  • newborn screening (metabolic screening, critical congenital heart defect screening)

  • filing a birth certificate

All birth fees are due by the 36th week of pregnancy.

  • Other costs may include: lab fees, ultrasound, birth kit, vitamins or medications, if indicated, travel fee if more than 2 hours from Edmond.

  • If you have insurance that covers these charges, the birth fee will be collected, and you will file reimbursement from your insurance company. We will be happy to assist you in providing the invoice you may need.

  • If you choose to birth at the birth center, the facility charges fee. Our birth fee remains the same. You will not need to purchase a birth kit, as the center provides these materials.


Prenatal visits are a perfect time for you to connect with your baby, your body, and midwife.  We provide ample time to answer all your questions, discuss care decisions, and provide resources for you. At each visit we:

  • Measure your growing baby

  • Listen to your baby's heart rate

  • Check your vital signs

  • Have many conversations regarding your upcoming labor and birth

  • Discuss nutrition and exercise, as well as safe holistic treatments for common concerns that sometime arise during pregnancy.

Visits with your midwife last 1-hour. If you need more or less time, then we have freedom to adjust this accordingly. Visits take place in our home office or at the birthing center. Of course, additional appointments are always provided if care is needed.  
Visits are:

  • Monthly until you are 28 weeks

  • Bi- weekly until you are 36 weeks, when I do a special “Home Visit”.

  • After 36 weeks - weekly until your baby's birthday.


We provide personalized support and nurturing care during labor and birth, so you and you baby are safe and comfortable. 

When labor begins we quietly support you at home or the birth center . Generally we ensure:

  • a mother's labor is progressing comfortably

  • vital signs

  • baby's heart rate

  • integrate comfort measures and natural pain management tools to help you manage contractions/surges and intense sensations of labor

  • assist with labor support and the birth

Once the baby is born, we prefer to wait until the cord stops in its pulsing and give whoever you desire the opportunity to cut the cord. After a time of family bonding and /or breastfeeding, we help you shower before get settled into bed to rest with your baby and help you get something to eat. We make sure all is well before leaving (usually 2-4 hours after the birth).

We bring general equipment to monitor the labor and birth, such as a Doppler and sterile instruments etc.  We also carry items for managing bleeding, suturing for tears, and other items, if needed. There is often an assistant for birth and labor support.

If a situation develops beyond what can be safely managed at home with my equipment and training (you or baby need medical care), we transport the mother and/or infant to the hospital for further care, if needed.


We return to your home 24 hours after the birth and again on the 3rd day.  We discuss any questions you have and make sure you and your baby are doing great. 

We provide supportive care and resources for your postpartum and general wellbeing.  We assess your baby and make sure breastfeeding is going well, check the umbilical cord site, and provide newborn screenings, etc.

The birth certificate is signed, and we schedule an appointment for both mom and baby at 2 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum.  Of course, continued physical and emotional support is available during your whole postpartum period. 


One reason many women opt for a midwife when seeking women's healthcare services is they feel their midwife is someone who is willing to invest personal time and attention in their needs.

Midwives can complete physical exams, breast exams, vaginal exams, obtain screenings and diagnostic testing (Pap Smears, labs, screen for sexually transmitted infections).
Midwives provide family planning services, primary care needs, and discuss relevant health topics with you such as family care and nutrition.  Midwives also assist women as they enter menopause and face hormonal issues. We also refer you to resources that can help you.